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"To start off, the staff at Biologic & Regenerative Healing Center is wonderful, so warm, nice, and great personalities. The PRP treatment was done on my face, and it absolutely works, I loved it and had the best results. I love my skin! Every treatment I've done, I was just so happy with."
Zhianna S.
"I had the PRP treatment done on my skin and loved it! It was an easy treatment that gave me amazing results and the confidence of having better and glowing skin."
Vilma A.
"I had a motor accident where I was injured mostly on my lower back and my left shoulder. I had the PRP treatment Dr. Mirchou suggested done on both areas and it worked very well for me. I am out of pain; it is amazing."
Renee B.
"I had severe pain on my right shoulder. Dr. Mirchou recommended the treatment PRP. Let me tell you after the PRP, I can throw a football better than before the tear on my shoulder. It was a miracle; I vouch for the PRP treatment 100%."
Michael Honari
"Utilicé el tratamiento PRP para rejuvenecer la piel. Me gusta mucho este tratamiento! Con el PRP tuve muy buenos resultados en la piel de mi cuidado y lo recomendé."
Marco Gonzales
"I’ve had long term pain related to sesamoiditis and bunion pain on my right foot for many many years.  I  have a seen countless specialists from podiatrists to orthopedic surgeons.  I’ve also obtained second and third opinions. I’ve purchased orthotics, numerous shoes, foot inserts, paddings, steroid injections, anti inflammatory medications, you name it, I’ve tried it, in order to get some relief.  One surgeon also had me use a boot for weeks and to no avail.  It seemed that surgery was inevitable.  However, I came across a good friend who had suggested prp/stem cell therapy.  To be honest, with all of the past unsuccessful therapies that I’ve tried, I was skeptic.  Yet at the same time, I was desperate for relief.  So, I tried prp with Dr. Mirchou.  After 1 month, I was still having pain in the area.  Dr. Mirchou didn’t lose faith and explained that it could take a little longer especially because I continued to use my foot, since obviously, I have to still drive and walk.  After almost 2 months since the prp, the pain that I’ve endured for years is finally gone! There is no throbbing, no pain in the area at all!  I am beyond grateful to those who have made it all possible!  Thank you Dr. Mirchou and his team for giving me the best care."
Janice Villablanca